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I attended the 'Access to Destiny' Workshop, and I must say that I was very inspired by it. The more I listened to Dr. Richardson today, talk about where she had come from, where she had been, the way she was raised, and what she was exposed to, in her youth and younger days, that didn't at the time look, nor, sound too good to her, nor, for her. But, to know that in spite of it all, she still continued on, in the midst of her struggles, and her pains, downfalls, and setbacks, she continued to press on, with her ambitions to be successful, and to know that when she was knocked down, she was still able to get back up, and still had that 'will power' to help others to succeed. She expressed how God continued to keep her, in the midst of her storms, and how she was so determined not to be defeated, by challenges. Through it all, she learned more and more of how to Trust and Believe in God, no matter what she was going through. This workshop allowed us to speak, and share amongst each other, some of our own experiences, and 'trying' times, in ways, to inspire and encourage others. I feel that this workshop will continue to be inspiring for others, because sometimes, we just need to encourage ourselves. And, when we know there's a safe place that we can go and talk to someone else, have someone to listen, and talk to, that can relate to others, and to know that we can share some of our own experiences, in a comfortable place and setting with those that have been, where we're trying to go, it will only help us, encourage us, to help each other. And that, if we fall, knowing that we can get back up, and try it again, and still be successful. I've known Dr. Richardson for more than 30 years, and I've always known her to speak from her heart, and over all of these years, I've known her to genuinely care and try to bring out the best in others. Our prayer is that after reading her books, following her tips, listening and tuning in to her workshops, she will continue to inspire and encourage others, to reach their goals, and especially, the nursing students, that I know she has given and shared so much of her personal time, space, for many years, to help, and assist them, in their times of need. Dr. Richardson, thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, experiences, and expertise, in this way, to help, encourage, and to motivate others.

Twanna E. Jackson, MSN

Family Nurse Practitioner

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